Some of the Book Contents

Comprehensive Equipment

The book gives detailed descriptions of the equipment and machinery, including advanced and unusual ones, which are found in leading panel beater workshops.

Various Types of Work

The book covers step-by-step solutions to a large number of problems you may encounter in the workshop.


Around 40 years of panel beating work have yielded a list of consumption materials which are best used in different situations.


All the common welding methods are described, with valuable tips and fixes for best results.

Pressing Tools

Construction and manufacturing of a number of simple pressing tools are described in a separate section of the book.


The background history of cars repaired is given brief descriptions. Some of the great car designers/manufacturers are also mentioned.

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Panel Beating Doctor Bengt Blad Passes on his Know-How in a Unique Book

Bengt Blad was a young medical student in Uppsala, Sweden, when he "invested" his savings in an MGB, only to discover that his dream car was not in the condition he wanted it to be.

Without the money to have someone else do the body work needed, he used his talents and skills to learn how to repair his MGB himself, invested in and made the necessary tools.

This became the start of a new career, and instead of a medical degree, Bengt quickly earned his reputation as "the panel beating doctor".

For more than forty years, he has not only accumulated great skills and all the tools a well equipped workshop should have, but he has also built a collection of virtually all the literature available in Swedish and English, which describes different aspects of the panel beater's everyday work.

As he never found a comprehensive book on this subject, Bengt decided to write his own "thesis", which contains all his collected experience of more than 40 years in the panel beating profession - described with the same detail as you would expect from a surgeon who was giving an account of a day's work in the operating theatre!