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When the book was written there was some interesting material that was left unpublished. New material is also continously being added so we have decided to publish new additions in the form of a blog. Some blogposts will be quite substantial whereas others will be kept shorter.

We do this primarily to address particularly important and interesting moments in the often difficult art of repairing bodywork without leaving any visible traces of the work that was done.

Video: Shaping of an Alfa-Romeo 2000 Berlina chassis detail using a beakshaped stretching tool

Anti drip glass jar. Rust treatment equipment and rust repair of a police Porsche.

In the last blog post the painting or surface treatment process was discussed. Before we leave that field a few word about the surface inside the body structures in the need of rust protection and the equipment used

Mixing paint and filling a spray can

During the spring we are opening a tool shop together with the books. We concentrate our efforts on unobtainable or hard to find tools, some produced by ourselves. All our tools are of very high quality, manufactured up to a standard, not down to a price.

Choosing correct T.P.I, make your own air saw blade

In the previous blogpost some ventilation openings was created. The work began with drilling holes from which the opening was widened with the air saw.

Completion of the box section, creating ventilation openings

Image 6 in the previous blog post show the three parts creating the cross beam. In part 2 is a hole, one in each end, near the end of the panel. These holes are for the front anti roll bar screws, see image 2 in blog 1. The problem is to know the position of the holes, a problem solved in the following way:

New panels, beam manufacturing

With nuts brazed to the bottom of the longitudinal boxes the next step is to coat the area with a primer and make a cardboard template, figure 1. In the picture the template is kept in place with magnets. Figure 2 show how the edges of the template have been marked out on the primer with a ball point pen.

Panel Beating Doctor Bengt Blad

At this point in my life when I was about three quarters through the medical schooI I discovered the English wheel and the Eckold machine, and, one thing leading to another - no more time for med school.

More about the book

This book, with around 1,500 pages of reader-friendly text and about as many illustrations, is a summary of 40 years of working with vintage, collectors' and racing cars.