Mixing paint and filling a spray can

During the spring we are opening a tool shop together with the books. We concentrate our efforts on unobtainable or hard to find tools, some produced by ourselves. All our tools are of very high quality, manufactured up to a standard, not down to a price.

First of all, we are happy to introduce a new panel beating hammer, Image 1. This hammer comes in two versions with flat and crowned face. It benefits from a low weight, 200 grams, and very good balance making finer aligning and shaping a pleasure. To find such a light hammers these days are almost impossible, we have been searching for years until we initiated the manufacturing. We can guarantee a very surprising experience with an increased feeling and control in aligning or shaping situations. After a short time you can´t work without it! Price: 570:-SEK or 62 € or 67 $ plus shipping. Spare shaft available for the heavy handed.

Image 1. A new and light hammer with a fantastic feeling. Perfect for finer aligning.

When the old front valance was removed during the work with the Alfa-Romeo, a special method was used. The new front valance was temporarily and carefully fitted to the body. With a felt tipped marker the outer lines of the new parts was drawn on the old panel. With the cutting disc and the air saw the old panel was cut away. The cut was approximate 10 mm below the drawn line. After removing the paint around the edge the new panel could be spot welded after careful fit in. With the air saw the overlap was removed, Image 2. The 10 mm wide surplus material, marked with an arrow in the image, was bent away and the new and old panels was welded together, end to end. For more information, see the book.

Image 2. Sawing along the edge, see also the book.

As Image 3 suggests the air machines need to be oiled during the work. The oil reduces the air leakage and made the machine stronger and working with higher revs. Use a thinner special oil, not engine oil. Before the new front valance was fitted the repaired under laying structures was painted, see Image 7 in previous blog post. The reason was that most of the new panels were not possible to paint with the new valance fitted.

Image 3. A few drops of oil give the air driven machine e longer life.

With such a small area to be painted the easiest way to do the work was with a spray paint can. First with a layer of primer, Image 4. It´s important that the primer is compatible with the following layer with colour matched paint. Matched paint means real car paint used by a car painter but filled in an almost empty spray paint can, Images 5 and 6. Almost empty because the can is filled with thinner and gas before the process with filling the paint starts. The amount of paint is circa 400 milliliter. The can in Image 6 is different because it permits use of 2-component paint.

Image 4. Primer suitable for over spray with 2 K paint.
Image 5. Spray can with matched 1 K top coat paint.
Image 6. Spray can with matched 2 K paint.

In Image 7 you can see the hood with a red button. The button can be fitted to the valve in the bottom of the can, Image 8. When pushed the button puncture a small container with hardener inside the can. An activated can must be used within 24 hours.

Image 7. Button in the hood.
Image 8. The button attatched to the valve in the lower end of the can and ready to activate the hardener .

When the right colour is decided the mixing starts, Image 9. The filling in the can is made in a special equipment, Images 10 and 11, by pressed air.

Image 9. Mixing of the paint.
Image 10. The colour poured in the filling equipment.
Image 11. Filling the spray can.

Panel Beating Doctor Bengt Blad

At this point in my life when I was about three quarters through the medical schooI I discovered the English wheel and the Eckold machine, and, one thing leading to another - no more time for med school.

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This book, with around 1,500 pages of reader-friendly text and about as many illustrations, is a summary of 40 years of working with vintage, collectors' and racing cars.