Alfa-Romeo front end repair

During the years, many Alfa-Romeos have passed through the workshop. Nice cars but rust prone. As usually rust is the reason for the visit of this car in the workshop. At this car at the front end. An area with frequent rust problem on Alfas from mid 50´s up to late 70´s. All Alfas from that period have the same designs with small variations. 

Principally the cars have a design with two parallel box sections from the bulkhead to the anti roll bar attachments, figure 1. Transversally, between the two box sections, another box section is welded. The area around the anti roll bar attachments and the whole transverse box plus the lower part of the valance is very prone by rust. And hard to repair properly. The reason is the anti roll bar and how it is connected to the body, figure 2. The distance between the two nuts must be exactly the same as between the screw holes in the rubber mount bracket.

To the transverse box section, a profile for holding the lower part of the cooler is welded. After repairing more than 50 Alfas, I´m familiar with the construction and most parts are easily fabricated in the workshop. The only part bought from outside the workshop is the front valance, figure 3. ;

With the old valance secured by two screws to the bumper profile, figure 4, the upper intact part of the valance is carefully removed by cutting with the air-saw after the dotted lines. With the area hidden by the front valance cleaned up the rust in the front ends of the longitudinal boxes can be seen at figure 5 and 6.

Figure 1 Principle view of the Alfa-Romeo front box system. Note the position of the anti roll bar. 1. Longitudinal box section connected to the bulkhead. 2. Transverse box section. 3. Anti roll bar.
Figure 2 Cut away view of the front bottom part of the longitudinal box section. The area between the two filled arrows must usually be replaced. 1. Anti roll bar. 2. Rubber bush bracket. 3. Rubber bush.
Figure 3 Lower part of the front valance Note the oblong hole for access to the cooler drain plug.
Figure 4 The lowest part of the front valance removed. Left is the upper part of the valance. Cutting lines marked by white paint. Note the screws for holding the valance remnants to the bumper bracket.
Figure 5 Rust in the right side box section.
Figure 6 Rust in the left side box section.

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