14:1 At last back after summer vacation!

But first, a warning: don´t act like me. During the end of the vacation an offer emerged at the computer screen, several times and with shorter and shorter intervals. When only a few hours remained I felt that I was forced to decide to join Windows and upgrade the computer, from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Not as easy for a novice like me as it was described. Today the worst problems are solved with help of god friends but some small ones remains for the future to solve. And the computer is more alert!

Sometimes, for different reasons, a spare part can be unobtainable and must be manufactured locally. This is the case with the object in the next blog post, a very rare and interesting car. Only two cars are known to be in Europe. While waiting for a cut by laser key detail from a local supplier a study of some interesting workshop equipment is not a waste of time.

This will continue for a time, together with the history of different repairing, an interesting tool will be demonstrated briefly.

The first machine to be described is the Eckold Kraftformer. Eckold is the origin of all shrinking and stretching machines and is a result of many years of thinking and experimental work. All other machines with similar function are copies. They work, some of them are really good, but they have not the superior quality or the versatility of the original machine.

The Eckold has already been introduced in the short movie in the beginning of the blog. There you can see the beak shaped stretching tool in action. As usual, the description is brief, more detailed information is to be found in the book.

The machine used here is of middle size, see Image 1 and the book. There are both smaller and larger ones plus a hand crafted model, the Handformer, Image 2. For some time the machines was in such demand that Fokker in the Netherlands, an aeroplane builder, was licensed to manufacture machines both for their own purpose in aeroplane production and for sale to, for example, prototype departments in the automotive industry. This machine is such one, see Image 3.

Image 1 Eckold Kraftformer, tools removed.
Image 2 Eckold Handformer operated by handcraft.
Image 3 Plate with the origin of the machine.

The quality of the machine is so high that they hardly can be worn-out in one generation of craftsmen if properly maintained. That simply means reasonable regular greased by a grease gun.

To make it easier to understand the complexity of the Eckold system the text is divided into two parts, the machine or tool carrier in part 1 and separated from that, the tools in part 2.

In the first short movie, Video 1, the machine is started up and the tool attachments are pointed out. Not all machines are equipped with a two speed motor as this one.

After the tools has been attached to the machine the distance between upper and lower tool half is adjusted, Video 2. Note the scale. In some machines, like this, a foot pedal is involved in the finer and instantly adjustment of the stroke strength.

To be continued….

Panel Beating Doctor Bengt Blad

At this point in my life when I was about three quarters through the medical schooI I discovered the English wheel and the Eckold machine, and, one thing leading to another - no more time for med school.

More about the book

This book, with around 1,500 pages of reader-friendly text and about as many illustrations, is a summary of 40 years of working with vintage, collectors' and racing cars.